oregon cranberries

Cranberry Chutney

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup cranberries  1/2 cup hot water  1/2 lemon (juiced)  pinch of salt  1 TBSP crushed red chili fla...

Cascadian Crunchy Munchies

Oregon Pumpkin Seeds, Oregon Cranberries, Hemp Seeds...these crunchy munchies couldn't be any more PNW! A perfect bal...

Raw Sesame Squirrel Snacks

ingredients: 2 cups sesame seeds 1 cup Oregon Cranberries 1/4 cup Cacao Nibs 1/2 cup Coconut Flakes 1/4 cup Coconut O...

Raw Lemon Cranberry Bars

 ingredients: (Lemon Bars) 2 cups Cashew Butter 1/2 cup lemon juice 1/3 cup Coconut Oil, gently melted 1 T lemon zest...

Raw-Honey Whipped Pistachio Cacao Dreams

Cranberry-studded pure GLORY!! These little gems are a serious flavor explosion.. unimaginably delicious and light… a...

Roasted Brussel Sprout, Shiitake, and Cranberry Salad

Boost it up with this simple Lemon-Mustard dressing... and get this GLORY on the road!!! ingredients: (Brussels) 1 l...

Magic Sauce-Smothered Eggplant Bowl

This Magic Sauce may CHANGE YOUR WORLD! Brown rice and lentils..TRANSFORMED into a delicious, creamy, satiating mea...

Inspirational Oregon Energy Bars

ingredients: 1 cup Hemp Seeds 1 cup Raw Almond Butter 1 cup medjool dates, pittted 1 cup Harvest Wild Mix 1/2...
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