Our famous varieties of raw, organic nut and seed butter taste unlike anything else on the market because they are made in small batches with very little heat. Almost all commercially available nut butter, even expensive organic varieties, are made in a large-scale commercial production process that subjects the nuts and their oils to a lot of heat. In contrast, our nut butters are ground under 100 degrees F and “cold-filled” which creates a unique rich flavor with no plastic aftertaste. 

At Wilderness Poets™, we have been micro-crafting organic and gourmet nut butter since 2006. All our butters are raw*, plant-based / vegan, and considered paleo and keto. (*Roasted Almond Butter is not raw)

Our entire production facility is peanut-free.

Our nut and seed butter selection include favorites like raw organic almond butter and raw organic cashew butter. We also have many exotic and harder-to-find varieties including hemp seed, macadamia, pecan, pine nut, pistachio, pumpkin seed, and walnut butters.

Make sure to visit our recipes page for inspiration including nutty energy bars, cashew Caesar dressing, chocolate hazelnut butter cups, and almond butter banana bread.

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