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 of Macadamia Nuts sold by Wilderness Poets - 1 5lb of Macadamia Nuts sold by Wilderness Poets - 2

Wilderness Poets Raw Macadamia Nuts are sweet, rich and buttery, with a delightful tropical flavor. These Whole Macadamias are so big & beautiful we have them displayed in our pantry in a large glass jar, for easy snacking. Careful, they are addictive!

Macadamia Nuts are extremely versatile, they can be used in recipes that call for either sweet or savory. You can use them to make hundreds of dressings, desserts, dips, and raw dishes.

If you like these Macadamias, you should try our Raw Macadamia Butter. Delicious by the spoonful and perfect for quick, easy dressings!

Ingredients: Raw Macadamia Nuts

No Salt, No Sugar, No Soy, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol

Allergy Warning - Packaged in a Facility that Processes various Tree Nuts. 
Note: Macadamia Nuts are a seasonal item that are not always available. We only sell them on our website, not in stores. They are packaged simply, with our original, in-house label.

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