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Raw-Honey Whipped Pistachio Cacao Dreams

Raw-Honey Whipped Pistachio Cacao Dreams

Cranberry-studded pure GLORY!! These little gems are a serious flavor explosion.. unimaginably delicious and light… a green in the center that may blow your mind! The ultimate festival of flavas!
(Pistachio Filling)
3 T raw honey
pinch sea salt, Pure Vanilla Powder
(Cacao Coating)
1/2 cup Raw Cacao Pastegently melted in a double boiler
2 T raw honey
Oregon Cranberries (for topping)
to create:
1. Gently melt cacao paste and honey in a double boiler. Mix in a pinch of vanilla pow.
2. Blend pistachio butter with honey, vanilla pow, and sea salt by hand or in a food processor.
3. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Form little patties with the Pistachio mixture…pour on Cacao Dream coating, and immediately top with Cranberries, and stash in the freezer! The cacao will instantly harden, and the bliss is ready in 1-2 hours. Stores in freezer indefinitely!
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