hemp seed oil

Roasted Brussel Sprout, Shiitake, and Cranberry Salad

Boost it up with this simple Lemon-Mustard dressing... and get this GLORY on the road!!! ingredients: (Brussels) 1 l...

Raw Butternut Squash Soup

Creamy, velvet-y smooth or a little chunky.. you decide! This Raw Soup is a delicious way to finish up the winter squ...


Crunch into a whole new world! Raw falafel is an advencha for the taste bud...especially when combined with a glori...

Raw Hemp Burgers

ingredients:1 cup mushrooms, chopped 2 purple sweet potatoes (Okinawan Sweet Potatoes or Japanese Sweet

Raw Celery Root-Garlic Mashers

  ingredients: 3 cupsceleriac (celery root) 1/2 cup Raw Almonds or Almond Butter 1 T miso 1 T Hemp Seed Oil or EVOO...

Not-So-Cliche Raw KALE CHIPS

Smoky, sweet paprika brings it to another level! ingredients:  2 bunches kale 1 cup Raw Cashews, soaked overnight a...

Zesty Avocado Lime Hemp Dressing

Dip it! Dress it! Zip it! Zest it! Check out this insaaaaaaanely light, delicious, healthy dressing....warning... you...

Coco-Loco Carrot Soup

ingredients: 10 carrots, diced 1 can of coconut milk 2 T Coconut Oil  1 onion, diced 3 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 inc...

Hemp Seed Baba Ganoush

   ingredients: 2 eggplants 1/4 cup Pure Hempspread 1/2 bunch fresh parsley, curly or italian, whateva is your style...

Nut Butter Gravy and Hemp Nut Loaf

 Staple crops…………..what are they? What should shine consistently in our daily lives? Well, when I think of staples, b...
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