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Magenta Maqui Morning Meal

Magenta Maqui Morning Meal

This is an incredibly easy way to brighten up your morning and getchaself a high dose of deep, rich, purple antioxidants! You will feel like royalty when gracing your lips with  this ruby-red-cranberry-studded brekkie! Check out our favorite granola for some added crunch by Small Batch Organics in Vermont--their delicious Cherry Vanilla Granola is studded with Wilderness Poets Pure Vanilla Powder! SNAG A BAG!! serves 1 ingredients: 1/2 cup yogurt or kefir (dairy-free or not) 2 tsp. Maqui Powder pinch Pure Vanilla Powder, Oregon Cranberries, Chia Seeds optional: add granola for a crunch! to create: 1. Mix or whisk Maqui Powder and Vanilla into yogurt. 2. Swirl in Chia Seeds or top with granola..... 3. Treat yourself right! :D   


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