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Maple-Mesquite-Hemp Popcorn!
Popped corn, Smokey Mesquite Powder, Earthy Hemp Seeds…what could be betta?! ingredients: 1 cup (or more) popcorn kernels 2 T Coconut Oil (for popping) + 2 T Coconut Oil (for drizzling) sprinkle with: Maple Sugar, Mesquite Powder, Hemp Seeds or Hemp Protein Powder, cayenne, sea salt
to create: 1. Pop kernels in Coconut Oil on the stovetop with lid on. Shake the pot often, so that the kernels don't burn! 2. Once popcorn is popped, toss with extra Coconut Oil and sprinkle in all other ingredients. 3. Peeps be poppity poppin'!

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