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Matcha Bowl Gift Set

Wilderness Poets

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Matcha Gift Set 

The Wilderness Poets Ceremonial Matcha Serving Set is the gift of creating a matcha moment. The set includes our Organic Ceremonial Matcha, ceramic matcha bowl (handmade in Ashland, Oregon), bamboo whisk and tea scoop.

Organic Ceremonial Matcha
Our Ceremonial Matcha is the absolute highest quality ceremonial grade Matcha from Japan. It is an ancient Japanese superfood steeped in tradition. Matcha is used by Japanese Zen Buddhist monks as a means to relax and meditate while remaining alert because it contains high amounts of the amino acid L-Theanine. By consuming the whole powdered leaf, rather than steeping and discarding leaves, a person can obtain the highest concentration of antioxidants and nutrients available from the tea.

Ceramic Matcha Bowl
Each bowl is lovingly and uniquely handmade by a local potter in Ashland, Oregon.

Bamboo Whisk
The Bamboo Chasen (Green Tea Whisk) helps a person discover matcha in the way of the Japanese ceremony. This whisk is delicately crafted to ensure the best matcha experience with 100 fine prongs. It makes a deliciously frothy cup of matcha with robust flavor, mouth feel and aesthetic.

Bamboo Tea Scoop
The "Chashaku" or bamboo scoop is used in traditional Japanese ceremonies and makes a very handy tool for every day use. The rounded curved tip gives ease in transferring matcha powder to the bowl or cup, and lifts a perfect serving with each scoop. 
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