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SPiN: Macadamia Milk Concentrate

Wilderness Poets

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The Freshest Nut Milk is in Your Blender! 
Make your own luscious Macadamia Milk in seconds. Just add water and blend! Add your favorite spices to make frothy lattes, iced coffee, smoothies, frosting, and beyond! Silky smooth, delicious, infinite potential. It's galactic!
SPiN has only TWO ingredients!
INGREDIENTS: Macadamia Nuts, Organic Maple Crystals
Zero funky ingredients - no additives, thickeners, preservatives, gums, weird starches, cheap vegetable oils, or "natural flavors".

Zero cartons trashed -  Empty tetra-paks don't just vanish into a black hole...stop shipping heavy water around in non-recyclable containers and trashing the planet - our [Milky Way] Galaxy depends on it! Macadamia Milk Concentrate is not only healthier for you but more sustainable for the planet. Plus, you get to add your own water source (it's probably higher quality water, too!)

SPiN is Versatile - Use  SPiN everywhere you would use dairy milk. Add 1-2 Tbsp  SPiN to 1 cup water and BLEND. Double the SPiN to make Creamer.

SPiN is Shelf Stable - No refrigeration is necessary for  SPiN concentrate. Natural oils separate. Stir your  SPiN if necessary. Store your prepared Macadamia Milk (SPiN blended with water), Macadamia Creamer, and other Macadamia Milk creations in a refrigerator. Remember to shake, shake, shake up your macadamia milk before serving!

Allergens: Contains Tree Nuts (Macadamia Nuts). May contain traces of various tree nuts.

SPiN: Storage FAQ

How long does a batch of freshly SPuN milk last?
Once you make a fresh batch of SPiN, seal it in an airtight jug or container (our SPiN Milk Jugs are perfect!) and it will keep in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. Because there are no funky ingredients or emulsifiers, SPiN naturally separates. Remember to shake, shake, shake! 

How do I store my jar of SPiN?
No need to refrigerate - keep it creamy! Store your jar of SPiN in a cool, dark, dry space. Always use a clean, dry utensil to scoop it out of the jar (no finger dips!!) and seal the jar completely before putting it back in the pantry. 

What is the shelf life of SPiN?
We put 12 months out from the date of production as the "Best By" date. This is when SPiN will be at its peak flavor and nutritional value. If your jar is nearing its "Best By Date"... MAKE SOME MILK or a batch of fluffy pancakes! Otherwise, you can refrigerate it to elongate the shelf life a bit. 

My jar of SPiN has separated and there is oil on top. Why?
SPiN is 100% natural with no added oils for emulsification - stir it up! Simply stir the contents of the jar with a clean utensil. 
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