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Creamy Strawberry Cashew Chz Cake

Creamy Strawberry Cashew Chz Cake

ingredients: (Crust)

1 cup Raw Almonds

1 cup medjool dates

1 cup oats OR more Almonds pinch 

Pure Vanilla Powder, 

sea salt

(Strawberry Chz Cake)

2 cups strawberries (reserve a few for on top)

2 cups Cashews OR 1 jar Cashew Butter

2 T Coconut Oil, gently melted

2 T maple syrup or raw honey or 1/2 cup medjool dates

pinch Pure Vanilla Powder

a lil water or nut milk to blend

(Cacao Drizzle)

1/2 cup Cacao Paste

1 T raw honey or maple syrup

Cacao Nibs and

Pure Vanilla Powder for sprinkling


to create:

1. Blend Crust ingredients in a food processor until well incorporated. Add a lil water if necessary to form it into a "dough". Don't blend it too much, or it will get reeeeeeally sticky! Press into a parchment-lined pie pan or a spring-form cake pan. Stick in the freezer to set.

2. Blend all ingredients except strawberries for the Strawberry Chz Cake ingredients in a food processor. Add strawberries and blend until thick and smooth. Spread this layer evenly over the crust, sprinkle pie with Cacao Nibs, Pure Vanilla Powder, top with a few strawberries, and set for 1 hour in the freezer.

3. Once the Chz Cake is solid, make your Cacao Drizzle! Gently melt the ingredients in a double boiler and drizzle over the pie. It should have the "magic shell" effect and harden immediately. Store in the freezer until ready to slice up and spread the love! Taste ze spring!  

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