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Guest Post: Jackie's Super Power Yoga Bars!

Guest Post: Jackie's Super Power Yoga Bars!

Jackie, an amazing Seattlelite-Foodie-Yogi held a Fall detox yoga class this October, and, with a little Wilderness Poets inspiration... created these delicious, healthy SUPER POWER YOGA BARS! Disclaimer: You might be doing headstands within 2 minutes post-consumption of said bars. 
handful of dates
1/4 c Flax Seeds
1/4 c Chia Seeds
1/4 c Sesame Seeds
1/4 c Hemp Seeds
1 c Raw, Unpasteurized Almonds
3T Cashew Butter
2 T Cacao Powder
2 T Cacao Nibs
2 T Maca Powder
2 T Hemp Seeds
1T pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg)
1T water
to create:
1. In a food possessor, add dates and water to make a paste
2.Then, add everything but the nuts and cacao nibs and pulse to combine.
3.Throw the almonds in last for a brief rough chop, just a few pulses.
4. Spread it all out on a baking sheet and sprinkle the cacao nibs on top and press to adhere.
5. You can eat them raw just like that or if you would like a firmer easier to transport bar bake at a low temp for an hr. 
"Everyone thought there must be tons of bad for you stuff in these because they taste like dessert! But they are so great for you! High in protein, easily digestible and yummy! As a yoga teacher with a packed schedule I need to snack alot throughout the day but its hard to find quick healthful easy to digest foods on the run. This bar is a great option. Great plain or with a nut butter or fruit on top or if your feeling like splurging maybe a hazelnut chocolate spread for something more desserty!" -The famous, Jackie of Jackie's Yoga
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