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Edible Hemisphere is REBORN!
Today is a momentous day in earthly history. From the moss-studded forest of the Pacific Northwest, emerges... EDIBLE HEMISPHERE! The leaves are changing colors, quilting the hills with a blanket of fall fire, inspiring something new to the Wilderness Poets bounty. Edible Hemisphere is a wild environment--interactive, dynamic, and forever spinning a-new. An ongoing conversation between all the forces within. There will be a flow of rhymes, recipes, musings, featured blogs, articles, and whatever the stream o' life sends down river to this hemisphere! Most importantly, Edible Hemisphere, "Eddy Hemmy", is a way for us to CONNECT! An environment is constantly evolving, is interconnected, and inseparable, as are we without you.... let's swap recipes, thoughts, stories...together, we can INSPIRE HEALTH. Meet the Wilderness Poet behind the scenes....       
  Powered by Hazelnut Hempseed Butter, Agent JJ will be the roots in the soil of Edible Hemisphere. A passionate advocate of sustainable agriculture and lifelong seeker of high quality, nourishing food, she recently graduated with a degree in Agroecology from Western Washington University. One can usually find her wandering and wondering around the woods, seeking wild her foraging eyes, chanterelle mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, and thimbleberries are the gems of the forest's dense, diverse, magical jewelry box. 
With Love and positive vibes,
Wilderness Poets

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