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Silicon Break-Apart Chocolate Molds (4 pack)

Wilderness Poets

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Make your own chocolate bars with our 100% silicon molds. Food grade, BPA-free, Non-stick and flexible, it’s easy to release chocolate bars from the molds.


  • Place 2 cups of Cacao Paste into a double boiler.
  • Stir in 1/2 cup of Maple Crystals
  • Remove from heat and stir to cool
  • Pour into molds and add toppings

Tip: Simple tempering is all about heating then cooling your chocolate quickly.

Sweetened with Maple Crystals~ this TWO ingredient chocolate base recipe is delicious and easy!

Flavors in video:
🌹 Pistachio Rose
🌰 Hazelnut Sea Salt
🍒 Dried Cherry
🍫 Goji Cacao Nib

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