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Maté Latte with Cashew milk

Maté Latte with Cashew milk

Latte Revolution! 

This amazing method for herbal or maté lattes with fresh milk will change your life! No more boxed milks, no more heating milk on the stove… it’s so easy, and so fresh + delicious!


1. scoop 1/3 cup maté ( or herbal blend of choice) into a French press

2. if brewing maté, rinse with cold water 

3. pour hot water into press and let brew for 3-5 minutes 

4. press and pour tea into blender 

5. add 1 heaping spoonful of cashew butter (or butter of choice: also delicious with hemp seed butter!) 

6. add a splash of maple syrup or sweetener of choice 

7. blend on high for 30 seconds

8. Pour frothy hot latte into your favorite mug and ENJOY!!! 

…it’s that easy. 

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