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Candy Cap Mushroom Milk Chocolate-Cacao Truffles

Candy Cap Mushroom Milk Chocolate-Cacao Truffles

These truffles are luxurious for the tastebuds! Candy Cap Mushrooms, Lactarius rubidus, are a late fall-winter mushroom that grows plentifully in North America. They have a natural maple aroma and flavor, which is perfect for steeping a unique, earthy sweetness into milk (or mylk) to make succulent desserts! First rolled in Maple Crystals and Cacao Powder to highlight the Candy Cap Mushroom (extra points if you grind up some of the dried mushrooms and add them into this dusting!!) and then rolled in toasted sesame seeds to round out the rich, decadent Cacao....these orbs will have you smitten! We encourage you to make your truffles half the size of these...or share! <3

Cacao Mix
1 bag Cacao Paste
1/2 cup Coconut Oil
pinch Pure Vanilla Powder
3-4 T raw honey (or sweeten to taste)
pinch sea salt
Candy Cap Milk
2 cups raw milk (or alternative mylks)
1/2 bag (1/4 oz.) Candy Cap Mushrooms (from Far West Fungi)
pinch Pure Vanilla Powder
Raw Cacao Powder
Maple Crystals
Toasted Sesame Seeds

to create: 
1. Simmer Candy Cap Mushrooms in milk with Pure Vanilla Powder until steam starts to rise from the saucepan. Turn off heat, cover pan, and let mushrooms steep in milk for 15-20 minutes. Strain out mushrooms.
2. In a double boiler, melt Cacao Paste with honey, Coconut Oil and Pure Vanilla Powder.
3. Whisk Candy Cap Milk into Cacao Mix  until thick. Lay parchment paper down in a baking pan, pour "batter" on top of parchment and refrigerate for 2 hours until thick (or freeze for 30-45 mins).
4. Roll truffles into quarter sized spheres. Dust with Cacao Pow/Maple/Candy Cap mixture and/or toasted sesame seeds.
5. Refrigerate truffles and SPREAD THE LOOOOVE!

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  • I just made these..and they are so delicious! You can definitely taste the fungal flavor of the Candy Cap Mushrooms, but it is nicely balanced. I’m going to make a batch for our local Mushroom Club to try at our first meeting of 2018! Thanks! <3


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