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Umami Crystals- Ready when you are!

Umami Crystals- Ready when you are!

Wilderness Poets Miso Soup Crystals

Miso Gets a Makeover with Wilderness Poets New Umami-Rich Miso Crystals

Company Releases Two Varieties of Probiotic-Filled Organic Miso Crystals Empowering Consumers to Experience a Taste of Japanese Umami-One Sprinkle at a Time!

Available in two varieties—pure Miso Crystals, and Miso Crystals with Wakame Seaweed and Chives—Wilderness Poets' soy-free, Miso Crystals are made from gently dried, organic chickpea miso paste with no additives, preservatives, or stabilizers. These beautiful, flavor-packed flakes can instantly transform any dish into an umami-rich experience.

As winter approaches, Wilderness Poets' Organic Miso Crystals with Wakame Seaweed and Chives offer a convenient and reliable way of making the perfect, hassle-free, miso soup, ramen broth, or warm stews. Meanwhile, the plain Miso Crystals can be used as both a traditional soup and a seasoning atop staples like avocado toast, rice, or even popcorn!

This authentically-cultured superfood features Brown Rice Koji—a rice inoculated with the beneficial fungus, Aspergillus oryzae—making it a versatile and gut-healthy ingredient, rich in live probiotics, essential minerals, potassium, folic acid and Vitamins B, E, and K.

"Miso is known for its superior probiotic and digestive properties," explained Wilderness Poets' Owner Mika Kakizaki. "Our unique, low temperature, drying process yields crystalline miso flakes that glitter with micro-nutrients unlike any other miso product on the market. Our hope is that our Miso Crystals will enable consumers to experience authentic Japanese Miso with revolutionary ease, opening the door to miso food combinations that were never before possible. Unlike miso paste, these crystals are completely shelf-stable and ready to use whether at home, on-the-go, or even camping in the wilderness, either as a seasoning, or with just a little bit of hot water! Even our 9-year-old son has become a miso-making master!"

Wilderness Poets Organic Instant Miso Crystals can be purchased through the company's website for an SRP of $12.95. Learn more about Wilderness Poets and it's amazing products by visiting Also, be sure to follow the company on Instagram and Facebook.

Based out of Ashland, Oregon, Wilderness Poets is a small, family-owned company operating with intention and integrity to provide consumers with high quality, consciously crafted, responsibly sourced foods that contribute to a healthy, mindful, and active lifestyle. Wilderness Poets is a maker and worldwide distributor of ultra-premium nut butters and artisanal ingredients like Organic nuts, berries, seeds, gourmet trail mixes and nutrient-packed superfoods. Wilderness Poets' products can be found in natural food stores, on Amazon, or directly through the company's website where customers can also buy in bulk. For more information about Wilderness Poets and its products, please visit

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