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I Can't Believe It's Not Ricotta….seriously. So delicious! If you want this to be even more believable, you can peel off the skin of the almonds after soaking/sprouting, but I left it on for the extra fi-bas. Use this Raw-cotta in raw lasagna….raw ravioli….spread on crackers…in dips..explode your mind with the nutty possibilities!
2 cups Raw Almondssoaked and sprouted
(Cover with water overnight. In the morning, drain water, rinse almonds, and leave in strainer. Wash 2x/day, and continue for 1-2 days until sprouted)
2 cloves garlic
1 T sea salt
pinch black pepper
fresh sprigs parsley, oregano, chives, scallions, chive blossoms…whatever ye can forage in your or your neighbor's herb garden  --just remember to drop them off some raw-cotta with a lil thank ye note!
to create: 
1. Blend almonds and garlic in a food processor with salt and pepper. Add a little splash of water, extra virgin olive oil, or nut milk to help process if necessary.
2. Mince all spices. Mix into Raw-cotta in a bowl. Taste check! Add more herbs? Add more NaCl? Just riiiiight?
3. EXPERIMENT! Tis the season!!! Recipes to follow...


Raw Luscious Lasagna Layers of Love | Edible Hemisphere: Food is Poetry:

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Mar 02, 2016

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