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Make Your Own CHOCOLATE!!

Make Your Own CHOCOLATE!!

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RAW CHOCOLATE Abundance Cups and Bark Recipe

  • You will need:
  • Cacao Paste 4oz
  • Coconut Oil 1oz
  • Vanilla Powder 1/4 tsp
  • Natural Sweetener: 1 T raw honey or maple syrup. (Add to taste) *Liquid sweeteners work best.
  • Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt or Sea Salt (Add a pinch to bring out the chocolate flavors)
  • NUTS, Dried berries (Any of our Superfood Wild Mixes are amazing here)

Raw Chocolate Cups featuring : Wild Mix Abundance & Pistachio Butter

In a glass or metal bowl, melt the Coconut Oil suspended in a saucepan of hot water on very low heat (This is for a double boiling effect). Add the Cacao Paste, a few small pieces at a time, while stirring. Do not overheat!! Keep it under 114 degrees to preserve the potent antioxidants and minerals. The Cacao Paste will not melt on it's own. It needs the other oil. Adding oil gives the chocolate a beautiful shine and snap. It also opens up the Cacao flavors and helps to emulsify the sweetener & vanilla.

Once the Cacao Paste & Coconut Oil are melted, add Vanilla Powder. While it is still hot, add sweetener & salt. Add a little, stir and taste until you have the perfect balance.

This will evenly distribute your sweetener and salt so you can really determine how sweet your chocolate is. 

While the Chocolate is still warm in liquid form, pour onto a sheet of wax paper, flat bottomed tupperware container, ice cube tray, or into candy cups with an arrangement of nuts, dried fruit, etc. Get creative with your chocolates and molds.. any shape will work!

Refrigerate for 1 hour or freeze for 20 mins. Once cooled and set, you can keep your handmade Chocolates fresh in the fridge for months.

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