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Mesquite or Maca Volcano Latte

Mesquite or Maca Volcano Latte

PEEEEEPS... this is a REVOLUTION of the latte! Brought to you by the wonderful peeps behind the deli at the PCC Natural Market in Redmond. If you have a home espresso machine complete with steamer functions (and no payments till 2020!! ha) you can froth up your almond milk like there is no tomorrow.. go for it! But if not, do not fret, use a lil' elbow grease and whisk whisk whiiiiiisk the ingredients together for a warm, soothing drink. AN EXCELLENT COFFEE SUBSTITUTE---in fact, this smoky, malty, sweet concoction is better sans espresso!

2 shots espresso (optional!)
to create: 
1. If you have an espresso machine, steam/froth up the almond milk with the Mesquite or Maca Powder...heat it up! If not, slightly warm up all ingredients in a pan and whiiiisk in your powers.
2. Top with 2 shots of espresso if you want to create the volcanism effect of the caffeinated crater! The espresso is definitely not necessary, though... the Mesquite/Maca Latte stands sooooo prime on its own, you won't even miss them coffee beeeans!
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