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Pump-it-up Pumpkin Seed Milk

Pump-it-up Pumpkin Seed Milk

pump it up
Script for November Ringing
Enter: fall
Leaves (crunch, fall down)
Agent JJ: (singing) ♫ Diggin' into Jack-O-Lanterns, scoopin' out the guts, grey day, avoid the ruts... reservin' "squash offal", pairin it with nuts! What fall is all about, ringin' November without a doubt! 
Haha. This short feature STARRING, the "offal" of squash....PUMPKIN SEEDS! One of the many gems of fall, these are the heart of this fleshy icon and mascot of the season itself.  Wilderness Poets Austrian Pumpkin Seeds pack a unique, fruity flavor that make these mineral rich, forest-green gems shine. 
A staple food of the Aztecs and Mayans, pumpkin seeds are packed with protein, are full of Omega 3 EFA's, B Vitamins, and minerals (especially zinc, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese)-- they even contain L-tryptophan, which is naturally converted into serotonin, which assists in prime snoozing through the night! They also make a divine, slightly tinted green... PUMPKIN SEED MILK! 
Pump-it-Up Pumpkin Seed Milk
1 cup Raw Pumpkin Seeds 5 cups water 1/2 tsp. Pure Vanilla Powder Maple Crystals (sweeten to taste)
to create: 1. Soak Pumpkin Seeds overnight, drain, rinse.
2. Blend seeds with Vanilla Powder and Maple Crystals. 3. Strain milk through Nut Milk Bag included in our Nut Milk Making Kit.
4. Smile, drink slurp, use in various recipes!
Banana Pumpkin Seed "Milk Shake"
1. Blend 1 cup Pump-it-Up Pumpkin Seed Milk with 1 frozen  banana for a thick, creamy, delish treat!
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