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Mix the Lime in the Coconut...

Mix the Lime in the Coconut...

Oi! Boa dia do Brasil! Agent JJ here, reporting from Brazil....the solar waves are upon us, as we grasp the Souhthern-hemispherical summer! Whilst shopping for groceries, inundated with a spectrum of exotic, tropical fruits, I came across a Brazilian brand of Chia Seeds and Maca Root Powder! Que interesante! Peeps here are definitely getting their smoothie on, as there are freshly pressed, colorful juices adorning every corner on the street.
Here we have a homegrown, sun-ripened coconut. Palm trees and coconuts seem to grow like potatoes around here! Because it is mature, it is mainly prime for the coconut meat. As it ages, the white, delicious meat inside grows thicker. First, I made a hole in the top of the coconut with a screwdriver...dumping thehydrating, slightly sweet coconut water into a glass (refrigerate and add lime for a more refreshing taste!). After slurping that, I opened the coconut by putting it on a flame, heating it up enough to crack it. Open it up, and scrape all that glory!! YUM.Quegostoso!!
To open the coconut for the tasty meat, put it over a flame (it will just slightly heat up the thick shell). USE CAUTION…and..crack! It will fracture. Take off the heat, and carefully scrape the goods with a knife. Dehydrate for Coconut Flakes!
Tchau tchau,
Agent JJ
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