Wholesale Shipping Policy

Wholesale Shipping Policy:

  1. Free Shipping on Qualifying Orders Over $150 (Lower 48 US States)
  2. Free Shipping Offer Only Applies to Small Product Sizes Purposed for Resale: 1oz Vanilla, 3.25oz pouches, 8oz pouches, 1.8oz Butter Cups, 8oz Butter Jars.
  3. A Shipping Fee will be Added for Bulk Product Sizes: Shipping Fee Based on Bulk Product Weight & Shipping Destination.
  4. Bulk Product Sizes Include All Products Larger than 8oz size. Example: 2 lb pouch of cashews, 10 lb pouch of Trail mix, 1 Gallon (8.5 lb) Almond butter, etc.
  5. If Order Total Exceeds $150.00 and is a combination of "Bulk Items" and "Small Products for Resale" then "Small Products for Resale" Ship for Free and "Bulk Items" Ship with Added Shipping Fee
      Example Order 1 & Associated Shipping Fees
      1) Almond Butter, 8 oz - 8 Jars ------- $70.00*
      2) Cashew Butter, 8 oz - 8 Jars ------- $70.00*
      3) Chia Seeds, 8 oz - 6 pouches -------- $30.00*
      Total for Non-Bulk Items------------$170.00* (>$150) - Shipping Fee:$0.00
      4) Goji Berries, 2 lb Pouch x 1 ------- $30.00*---------Shipping Fee:$4.00*
      5) Pecan Butter, 1 Gal (8.5 lb) x 1--- $100.00*-------Shipping Fee:$10.00*
      Grand Total: Non-Bulk $170.00* + Bulk ($130.00* + $14.00*) = $314.00*
      Example Order 2 & Associated Shipping Fees 
      1) Almond Butter, 8 oz - 8 Jars ------- $70.00*
      2) Pecan Butter, 1 Gal (8.5 lb) x 1--- $100.00*-------Shipping Fee:$10.00*
      Grand Total = $170 + $10 Shipping Fee for Bulk Item (No Shipping Fee for 8oz Jars because Order Total is Greater than $150)
      *Product prices and fees in the above examples are not actual prices and fees. Rounded numbers are used for simplification.

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