Dear Buyer's Club Family, 

In an effort to offer deeper discounts and drop our prices to as close-to-cost as possible on ​fresh-from-farm, nutritious, hard to find, unique ingredients that fuel your imagination, we are revamping our pricing structure. We have decided to discontinue the current "Buyer's Club" format. Our focus will be to utilize our purchasing power to ​bring costs lower than ever before. ​

Your VIP Thank You Code for 10% OFF: 
As we transition over the summer​, we would like to extend 10% off to all of our dedicated Buyer's Club Members as a special 'Thank You' for your support. You can now use the code  LOYALCLUB  to receive 10% off your orders (code expires September 15, 2018). This discount will be in addition to sale price discounts. Normally sale prices can not be combined with Buyers Club discounts. ​We will continue to keep you posted on all of our upcoming promotions!

In good health and gratitude,

Wilderness Poets