About Proposition 65

Why is this Warning on my Superfood?

In 1986, California passed the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, also known as, Proposition 65. The law was created to protect citizens from harmful amounts of chemicals that exist in foods and certain consumer products. This proposition began with the good intentions of protecting the public (originally 30 chemicals were pin-pointed --- there are now over 800 substances), but quickly turned into a way for for-profit law firms to exploit small businesses. Many natural food companies have found themselves in high stakes law suits due to Proposition 65. This warning label is required for any products being sold in California, containing any amounts of heavy metals; including lead (and many other naturally occurring metals).

Are there Chemicals in my Food?

The elements that triggered this California Prop 65 labeling requirement are lead and cadmium. Lead and cadmium are naturally occurring minerals and are present in soil around the globe to varying degrees and as such can be absorbed by plants grown in that soil. The standards for lead and cadmium as set by California through Prop 65 are specific to the state of California and are more stringent than what is required by the World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Canada and the Unites States Pharmacopeia (USP).

Many common foods have trace levels of lead and cadmium, including dairy, meats, grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and canned or prepared foods. In many instances these common foods exceed the established Prop 65 standards.


A Perspective on Units of Measurement (MCG):

Contaminants are often expressed in micrograms (mcg). When considering the levels of naturally occurring elements such as lead or cadmium found in food it is helpful to put these units of measurement into perspective.

Microgram (mcg): A microgram is one/one millionth of a gram. To put this unit into perspective, a penny weighs 2 grams. To get a microgram, you would need to divide the penny into 2 million pieces. A microgram is one of those two million pieces.

Are Wilderness Poets Products Tested and Safe to Eat?

Yes!!  Safety and quality are top priorities for Wilderness Poets. We do not add chemicals to our products, and our products are thoroughly tested for the presence of various chemicals and heavy metals to ensure they are safe for customers and comply with organic standards as well applicable local, state, national and international regulations. We understand that the warning is alarming to consumers when found on a package without context or established standards.


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